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Horizon RDC Rebuildable Dual Coil Set for Arctic Turbo Tank

Horizon RDC Rebuildable Dual Coil Set for Arctic Turbo Tank

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Product Description:

This coil set includes 3pcs of coils in a parallel circuit. Each coil has 0.2ohm resistance, so this coil set can be supported resistance range is 0.2ohm to 0.6ohm. And the kit includes 2pcs of coil model that is used to adjust the number of working coils and the airflow. This coil set is DIY coil set. There are 2 main parts. One is named bottom base, the other is named top cover. Turn the top cover to the gap, lift the cover. Then twist the screw and assemble the wire properly. Replace the cover and turn it to the opposite direction to lock it. Situate the coils to the bottom base vertically.


Brand Horizone
Resistance Range
Wattage Range
Material 100% Organic Cotton

Package content:

1*Coil Set
1* Cotton
2* Coils

Detailed Introduction:
1. 3 coils can be replaceable
2. Support 0.2-0.6ohm resistances
3. Easy to use
4. New technology
1. Situate the coil heads and its base on the battery, drip proper amount of liquid on the coil head to avoid dry heating.
2.  Push the coil head with a metalwork to get a cathode, turn on the battery, check the coils successively.
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