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Kamry X6 Mod with X9 Atomizer

This X6 mod work with the newest version of the ego serie atomizer- X9 atomizer will be a perfect choice. HUge battery capacity and huge atomizer capacity make this mod very convenient for vaper who do no like reill and recharge frequntly/.
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Product Description:

The X6 battery has a special bamboo joint like design appreance which make it looks extrodinary. The X6 battery has a 1300mah huge capacity and LED light to indicate the battery capacity. The X6 battery can be fitted with ego series atomizers. The voltage can be adjusted through switching the button and the LED lihgt can display the change of the voltage via light color.

This X6 mod will work with the newest version of the ego series atomizer- X9 atomizer. This atomizer armed with bottom heating coil and will guarantee the safty because its glass tank tube. This would be very convenient to clean and refill the liquid in time. With the bottom heating coil vapers don't have to reverse the atomizer all the time. What's more, this atomizer has a 4.0ml huge capacity which will be very comfortable for vapers.



Battery Capacity: 1300mah
Charging time: 3-5hours
Atomizer capacity: 4.0ml
Input Voltage: 5v
Output Voltage: 3.6-3.8-4.2v
Size: 162mm*20mm  
Weight: 280g
Color: black, red, silver, blue, purple, green, gold



1. Unordinary exterior bambbo joint design.

2. 1300mah huge battery capacity can last longer.

3. High compability: ego connector.

4. Variable voltage from 3.6V to 4.2V.

5. LED light display the capacity of the battery and the working voltage of the battery: red for 3.6v , purple or 3.8v ad blue for 4.2v.

6. Short circuit protection: the mod will turn off automatically and the LED light twinkles three times.

7. Low voltage warning: if the working voltage is lower than 3.3V, the atomizer stops working, and LED light twinkle 10 times.

8. Overtime smoking protection: when one puff is over 10 seconds, the atomizer stops work and the LED light twinkles 10 times.


Package contents:

1* X6 battey
1* X9 atomizer
1* X6 usb charger
1* Wall charger
1* Black zipper case
1* Manual
1* Warranty card


Product name X6 Mod with X9 atomizer
Brand Kamry
Battery 1300mah X6 battery
Atomizer X9 atomizer
Connector 510/ego connector
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Review by Oliver
Fancy atomizer
Fancy big tank and the atomizer heads have been designed with the wicks hidden to further prevent leakage. Fantastic buying experience!

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Review by Darren
Amazing atomizer
Great products!!! I've had never quite been able to quit smoking cigarettes. I've tried any number of times and always went back. But these are amazing alternatives for me. They really help me a lot!

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