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Cvapor Bonus Points Program
What is the Cvapor bonus point program?
We're always thinking up ways to make cvapor better, and never stop our steps of bringing customers more benefits. If you haven't been informed about this exciting program, go ahead! We would like to introduce it to you — It's Cvapor Bonus Point Program! (CBPP).

What is CBPP, you ask? Well, read through the followings to learn more about it :

Approch No.1
Completing registration on will get 5 points. It is also a necessary for taking part in CBPP.
For newsletter signup, 10 cvapor points will be rewarded to your account.

Approch No.2
This is simply the most effective way to get Cvapor Ponits, so as long as you purchase our products in our online shop ( the bonus points will be added to your account automatically. Each US Dollar spent could change into 1 Cvapor Point, for e.g: $100 spent on items in our online shop = 100 Cvapor Points will be added to your account immediately!!

Approach No.3
Reviewing our products and earn Cvapor Points!
1. Log in, sign into your Cvapor account.
2. Sign into your Cvapor account. Choose any one of the products from our online shop, enter the product detail page. Make some reviews about this item, the review column is just at the lower part of every product page. Each review of our products could achieve 20 Cvapor Points.
3. The content of your comments should be meaningful, not names of our items, messy codes, product links, etc.
4. No duplicate contents will be allowed to submit for twice. 

Approach No.4
10 Points will be awarded to customers for each of their referral's purchase (fixed points amount)

How can I redeem my Bonus Points?
Once you accumulate bonus points, you will be eligible to redeem them next time your purchase. To redeem your Cvapor Bonus Points, just enter it in your shopping cart and you'll save money! It’s that simple.

Where can I check my point status?
Log into your account and click "Bonus Point Program" to check up your points and status.
Each point is equivalent to 1 cent, you can redeem it next time you purchase on!
Type Bonus Point
Approach No.1 5/10
Approach No.2 Order value(eg.$100 purchase will get 100 points)
Approach No.3 20
Approach No.4 10*order quantity