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2PCS Efest 20A 18650 3100mah High Drain Rechargeable Battery Flat Top

this imr 20A 18650 3100mah High Drain Rechargeable Battery with flat Top has a relatively longer battery length so that it ca be fitted in certaint mods and larger capacity may last for langer..
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Product Description:

This 20A 18650 3100mah high darin rechargeable battery with flat top from Efest has huge capacity and medium size. This battery can be fitted with certain mods and we do not recommend mods larger or smaller than the 18650 type. Before you use this battery, please check out the information below carfully in case some safty risk.



Do not over-discharge/overcharge
Recharge empty batteries(resting voltage ~3.6V) as soon as possible.
Do not short circuit ( will release tremendous current )
Do not dispose the battery into fire.


Battery length: 65mm
Battery diameter: 18mm
Norminal Voltage: 3.7V
Voltage at end of Discharge: 3V
Max Discharging Current: 20A
Quick Charge Current: 3000mA
Quick Discharge current: 2000mA
Charge cut-off  current: 5A
Discharg cut-off current: 3V


 1. Safe chemistry LiMN battery with less risk of venting with flame or explosion.

2. No protection circuitry added or built in due to inherent safty in the IMR battery.

3. Shorter battery length fitting in most mods.

4. Discharge below 2.5V is not recommended for long service life for the battery.

Product name 20A 18650 3100mah Rechargeable Battery Flat Top
Brand Efest
Normianl Voltage 3.7V
Battery Model 18650
Cycle Life 300 Cycles
Battery Capacity 3100mAh
Color purple
Package Content 2 x Efest 20A 18650 3100mah Rechargeable Battery Flat Top
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Review by Alex
Efest 20袗 18650 3100mAh
As always, high quality goods. Delivery very fast. Grateful to the whole team, especially on the representative

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