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Nitecore UM10 Single Bay Charger with LCD Display

Nitecore UM10 Single Bay Charger with LCD displays the data of the charging progress is a intelligent charger that can change the charge mode automatically.

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Product Description:

A sleek and portable battery charging resource, the Nitecore UM10 Li-ion Battery Charger is a multi-functional device that charges a wide range of Li-Ion batteries. This USB powered charger features an LCD screen that displays all of the relevant data regarding the battery you wish to charge, and intelligent circuitry identifies battery capacity and optimal charging rates. The body of the charger is constructed from durable and fire retardant materials, and has both reverse polarity protection and optimized heat dissipation safety features.



Input Voltage Micro USB DC 5V
Output Voltage 4.2V ± 1% / 5V
Output Current 1000mA / 500mA
Dimensions 100mm x 38mm x 35mm
Weight 58g

 18650, 17670, 18490, 17500, 16340, 10440, 18350, 14500 batteries

Battery length range 29-68mm

Package content:

1*Nitecore UM10 Charger
1*USB Cable(79cm)



1. Intelligent Power Management System
2. Intelligently Detect Input Power
3. Optimized Charging Program For IMR Batteries
4. Intelligently Selects Charging Current Based On Battery Capacity
5. Fire Retardant Construction
6. Designed For Optimal heat Dissipation
7. Rear USB Cable Winder


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